MOEMA    From the President . . .

Dear MOEMA members:

I just returned from our nation's capital having just attended an update for FAA Aviation
Medical Examiners.  On my way back to Michigan, I reflected on the fact that I will be
back in only a few months for AOHC and that our own annual educational conference is
fast approaching.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that our conference agenda has been
approved by ACOEM.  We have a fantastic program that I think will appeal to most
everyone.  We will be having an update on PFAS, immunizations, and DOT issues.  I am
sure you are all aware that PFAS in our water is becoming a very hot topic right now. Dr.
Bender will discuss his work with Bladder Cancer screening and Dr. Ducatman will
educate us about Disease Clusters.  We will talk about upper extremity occupational
disease, spirometry, audiology, and provide you with some OMT treatment ideas that
you can apply in your practice.  We will have a discussion of chronic pain that will meet
Michigan License requirements and also have a wonderful panel working through some
controversial Fitness for Duty cases that many of us face.

It's not all work though.  Cathy Bodnar has set up a golf outing on Thursday and for those
of you who are not inclined to or good at golf (me), we have a tour of Bell's Brewery on
tap so to speak.  Bell's has grown rapidly from a local microbrewer to one of the country's
largest.   Please take the time to review the full brochure, make your reservations, and let
Rachel know if you would like to participate in the pre-conference fun. We will also have a
reception Friday evening to mingle and relax.

Downtown Kalamazoo has a lot to offer.  If you get the time, I highly encourage you to
wander about.  There are great restaurants, shopping, and parks all within a short walk
from our hotel.

It was great to see Michigan so well represented at AOHC this spring.  I enjoyed the
chance to catch up with our members as well as attending one of the best attended
AOHC meetings in years.  

In addition to seeing everyone at MOHC, I would also like to appeal to everyone to
participate in MOEMA year round.  We have need for your talent and expertise.  We have
ways for everyone to contribute both big and small.  There are board positions that are
coming open, so for those of you that may want an active leadership role in an
organization, this is a good way to get started.  We also have committees that need
members such as our educational committee.  If you want to help plan the annual
conference and perhaps develop some other educational resources, this would also be a
great place to get involved.  Legislative advocacy, guideline or policy development,
teaching/mentoring are other ways to contribute.

As I mentioned previously, some of you out there may want to become fellows of the
American College of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.  One of the
requirements is CME - 50 to 100 hours over 5 years.  MOHC will give you 13.5 toward
that.  One of the other requirements is service to the specialty.  Helping your component
chapter shows ACOEM that you are a leader in Occupational Medicine and giving back
to the specialty.   Becoming a fellow is not easy but is prestigious and if you are
contemplating a leadership position at the national level, will give you added qualification.

Finally, we want to grow!  For those of you who have colleagues or friends that would
benefit from our conference and organization, please encourage them to attend.  There
are a lot of primary care clinicians out there that have to do some occupational medicine
as part of their practice but may like the OM specific topics we have to offer.  Please
invite them, they don't have to be members and will still only pay the member price this

I hope all of you are having a good summer and enjoying all Michigan has to offer!  
Please, we would love to see a huge turnout for MOHC.  We have excellent speakers
and I would love them to look out on a full room.

Thank you all for your contributions to environmental and occupational health, wellness,
and care in Michigan and your support of MOEMA.



Michael M. Berneking, MD
MOEMA President 2018 - 2019

Summer 2019


Michael M. Berneking, MD
MOEMA President